Photographed by Mark Miller, Getty Images

Over the recent months of isolation, we have had a healthy amount of free time to go ahead and check out some of the podcasts that define and shape our space.  In previous weeks, we have brought you offerings from Food Tank, the online think tank for sustainable agriculture. But as Food Tank is in the midst of a small break for the summer, we have decided to cast our feelers out once again to see what other engaging voices we could find on the internet.

Enter Regenerative Agriculture: a podcast hosted by John Kempf for those who are a part of, or curious about, the sustainable agriculture industry. Updated monthly, Regenerative Agriculture is an hour and a half long podcast that discusses the issues of the industry from an insider’s perspective–providing insights into not just the philosophies, but also practices and business decisions that define work within the sustainable agriculture space.

In their most recent episode, host John Kempf sits down with farmer, businessman, and all-around intellectual, Joe Salatin. Amongst many topics, together they discuss some of the challenges related to commodity farming, as well as potential business models that can put more money in farmers’ pockets. We invite you to sit down and give this podcast a listen–whether you are a farmer, or a customer, the insights found in this podcast are valuable. For those that are interested in learning more about Regenerative Agriculture, or following its updates, check them out on Player.FM. Also be sure to visit their site,