When you talk to Brett, you get the impression that he’s an all-around good guy: As someone who is passionate about sustainable, fair, farming practices, Brett Rhoads is an emblematic example of the American midwestern farmer, working as the lead grower at Rhoads Farms in Circleville, OH.  Hailing from a lineage of midwestern farmers, Brett Rhoads is also a family man that hopes to one day pass the business that he and his wife have grown, down to their children. For now, however, he is just happy to see them enjoy being kids on one of their many adventures outside.

As one of the farms that collaborate with Seal The Seasons, Rhoads farms work to provide frozen strawberries and blackberries to customers in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois. In this video, we take a moment to sit down with brett to discuss what life is like operating a family-owned blackberry farm.