At the end of May, Seal the Seasons’ marketing team got a chance to visit Lineberger Maple Springs Farm, based in Dallas, North Carolina. Though our day started off with heavy rain upon our arrival to the farm, it was a perfect chance to sit down and steal a moment with Lineberger Maple Springs Farm head grower, Ethan Lineberger. Similar to some of our other growers in western North Carolina, Ethan supplies Seal the Seasons with blackberries. Along with blackberries, however, Lineberger Maple Springs Farm also grows Strawberries, Peaches, Nectarines, Plums, two types of grapes, as well as many other types of fine produce.

As one of the youngest farmers on Seal the Seasons’ roster at 30 years old, Ethan is one of a few people his age that is in the farming profession. But as a 4th generation farmer, one might say that cultivating fine produce from the soil is something that runs in his blood. We invite you to check out our latest iteration of Meet the Farmers, and hope that you take the time to get to know Ethan Lineberger. In this video, we get a chance to meet Ethan, discuss the history of Lineberger Maple Springs Farm, as well as how its operations have been affected by COVID-19. For those in the North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia regions, keep an eye out for Seal the Seasons’ North Carolina Blackberries, provided by Ethan Lineberger.