For all of the time that we are spending at home, that also means time to discover new content creators, as well as prolific voices within our space that we may otherwise not have noticed. Recently, we came across, which is an activism site that focuses on producing content that educates people about sustainable agriculture, as well as creating real change within the greater agriculture space. As a site that specializes in news articles, newsletters, and many other forms of informative and educational media, it was very little surprise to us that Food Tank also has a corresponding podcast, called Food Talk: With Dani Nierenburg.

Food Talk is a podcast that takes the time to discuss some of the most pressing issues of our moment within the agricultural space–whether this is over-industrialization, farm employment, sustainable agriculture, or the policies that define farming today–as well as their potential implications. Recently, Nirenburg sat down with Rob Larew, president of the National Farmers Union, to discuss a broad host of issues, including corporate consolidation within the food system, as well as how to build rural communities that will appeal to the next generation of farmers. Be sure to check out Food Tank’s podcast embedded below, and to get more of the Food Talk podcast, it can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher. (info and images via Food Tank)