Photographed by Kristen Miglore

Last week, we wrote a post about 5 protein-rich plants and vegetables that you can incorporate into your diet. In continuing our theme of protein-rich vegetables, this week, we wanted to recommend a recipe for cooking canned beans.

In a variety of posts so far, we have sung praises in support of canned beans: not only are they cheap, they are easy to store and tend to be some of the healthiest canned food you can buy. Additionally, they go with everything–whether as a side dish to a greater entree or as the foundation of a healthy salad, canned beans are a versatile food option–for not only our current times but all the time.

Recently, Food52 Creative Director Kristen Miglore unearthed a nifty technique for creating what she calls “crisped” beans, using an oven, a saucepan, light seasoning, and olive oil. While Miglore’s recipe incorporates crisped beans into a salad, she makes a point of stating that this way of cooking beans is great for many types of meals. For those interested in learning a fresh take on cooking beans or a quick recipe for an afternoon salad, we invite you to check out Food 52 for Kristen’s recipe.