I use your mixed frozen fruit product that I happened upon while shopping at Wegman’s. The berries are the highest quality! I use them now in my frozen smoothie every morning. It is the only way I can stand to eat fruit. Just wanted to say thank you!

Miles Tennihan, Everett, MA

Just letting you know how much our family has enjoyed your fruits! We have been trying the mixed berry blend which is great and our children have asked for several snacks of it daily! Thanks for producing this, it has been great to have as a fruit option with the limited supplies where we live.

Christy, Location Unknown

“I had never heard of your company before, or noticed your product in the store. I went looking for it AFTER I saw your Facebook survey for the Yanveyville Farmers’ Market group. I purchased a bag of mixed fruit. The flavor and quality were excellent and far better than brands I have bought before. I prefer to buy local. Fruits produced for shipping and storage durability lack flavor and palatable texture. THANK YOU for caring enough to make these fruits available. I usually shop at Wegman’s.”

Anonymous, Yanceyville, NC

“When I opened my bag with North Carolina Strawberries from Food Lion, I was so pleased! They were big, fresh, strawberries with no brown spots that other frozen strawberries have.”

Nancy S., Winterville, NC

“Me and my fiancé are OBSESSED with your brand of frozen peaches! It is our nightly snack and we def eat an absurd amount. Whenever we can’t find it in stock we are heartbroken and need our Pennsylvania peaches back in our lives ASAP!! Thank you for putting out such a quality and delicious product.”

Dominick F., Scarsdale, NY

Slide About Us Seal the Seasons was founded in 2014 by CEO Patrick Mateer because of his passion for local food and desire to support local growers.

While in college, Patrick worked at his local farmers market and met numerous small family farmers who couldn't sell all of their yearly crop. Patrick also noticed consumers insatiable demand for local food. He founded Seal the Seasons in his dorm room at UNC-Chapel Hill with the goal of connecting the dots in the food system.
Slide LOCAL FOOD Seal the Seasons works with farmers on a state-by-state basis to freeze their produce in season and offer it year-round in local grocery stores.

Available products depend on what is grown in a specific region. For example, Seal the Seasons offers cherries in the Northeast, but not in the Southeast, where they aren't widely grown.

Visit our Where to Buy section to find Seal the Seasons' locally-sourced produce near you.
Slide mission Seal the Seasons strives to make local fruit available to everyone 365 days a year.

Seal the Seasons also aims to save family farms. Since 2000, 21 percent of small family farms have been forced to close their doors. We hope to change that by providing farmers with a new, reliable revenue stream.