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Join leading retailers across the country in supplying top quality, locally grown produce year-round. The demand for local isn't just a fad - it's an increasing desire to support domestic production, strengthen our food system, live healthier, and create a sustainable future. Consumers want local food - and we make it possible 365 days a year.

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While we are a national brand, our products are sourced, processed, and distributed locally. To view current product availbility, select the appropriate sales sheet by region.

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What Our Customers Have to Say


Our family has tried almost every known product that applies to Frozen Fruit. However, Seal the Seasons is the absolute best, high quality, frozen fruit we have ever tasted! We now will only be buying this particular brand. We would definitely recommend this amazing and delicious product! 

Melissa H.

Bentonville, Arkansas


Can't tell you how happy I am to find local frozen fruit! It's been so hard. Almost as hard as finding USA organic Edamame :) I've been practicing macrobiotics since 2005, and local and seasonal are key concepts. So thanks again.

Danny K.

Los Angeles, CA


Perfect texture and flavor. I used them to make a peach cobbler pie. It came out perfectly. They also contain the right amount of sweetness to make smoothies without having to add any sugar.

Steven H.

West Palm Beach, Florida


We had never tried your berries till we moved here a month ago. They are hands down the best frozen berries I've ever had and almost as good as buying them fresh from the farm stand or picking them myself.

Estella S.

Sherwood, Oregon


You guys are AWESOME!!  I’ve looked for sour cherries for years and you not only have them, but they’re wonderful!  And the peaches? Yaaay! We can enjoy those year-round now, thanks to you. Thank you!!!!

Abby S.

West Harford, CT


When I opened my bag of with North Carolina Strawberries from Food Lion, I was so pleased! They were big, fresh, strawberries with no brown spots that other frozen strawberries have.

Nancy S.

Winterville, North Carolina