How to Safely Shop at Farmers' Markets, by Civil Eats

How to Safely Shop at Farmers' Markets, by Civil Eats

As COVID-19 affects many aspects of our everyday lives, there is some question as to how to go about acquiring the things that we need most. Just as much as this question is one that we have asked whilst considering trips to the bank, the pharmacy, or the neighborhood grocery store, the same is the case with our farmers' markets.

While some farmers’ markets have been shut down by city governments over virus concerns, a recent post of ours explained that due to essential service classifications, most farmers’ markets will stay open.

Just as much as this is great news for farmers and those that want to support them, going to essential business locations can potentially increase one’s risk of exposure. With that being said, not going shopping for groceries is rarely ever an option for most of us.

For those that want to still show their support for farmers, Brie Mazurek with Civil Eats and CUESA has put together a great list of twelve tips for how to support farmers' markets while shopping safely. Some of her tips include:

Stay Healthy and Safe

People shouldn’t visit farmers’ markets if they are a member of a high-risk group, or suffering from an illness. While delivery options may be available for some, Mazurek recommends sending a family member or a friend to do your farmers’ market shopping.

Have a Game Plan

This applies to all forms of grocery shopping, but always have an idea of what it is that you are shopping for by carrying a shopping list with you. This will reduce the impulse to browse, and potentially increasing your risk of exposure. Additionally, with many farmers’ markets incorporating social distancing measures, this allows the farmer to get through his or her queue of customers quickly.

Shop Quickly and Efficiently

While this tip is only possible if you have a game plan, Mazurek recommends that you show up to the farmers’ market early in order to avoid crowds—and that the goal of your trip should be that it takes no longer than 30 minutes.

Shop solo, and don’t crowd!

If shopping for a family, it is recommended that only one member of the household is sent to shop at the market. Of course, always maintain an appropriate social distance when standing in lines, and reduce your impulses to socialize—as hard as that may be for some, Mazurek recommends that you direct all social conversations within the marketplace to video chat at home.

Mind the Queue

Just as much as this applies to all essential businesses in these times, always do your best to maintain a social distance of six feet while waiting in line, and shopping at the market. If there is not enough room at a stand for you to safely look for food, wait to the side while the other person finishes up, and then step up to the plate!

These tips are only 5 of Mazurek’s 12 suggestions for how to support farmers' markets and stay safe. If you liked what you read here, please be sure to read the whole article at to see the rest of the tips. In the meantime, stay healthy, stay happy, and most of all, stay safe!