On the most recent episode of Food Tank’s podcast, Food Talk, host Dani Nierenberg sits down with two guests for a special hour-long episode of the daily podcast. For her first guest, Nierenberg interviews scientist James Rogers, founder of Appeel Sciences, which aims to find scientific methods for reducing waste within the food system. Together, they have a conversation about why more people should be interested in food waste reduction.

Afterward, Nierenberg shifts her attention over to Lauren Baker–who is director of programs for the Global Alliance for the Future of Food. This organization, which is an arrangement of 12 nonprofits from around the world, is committed to promoting equitable access to food, as well as providing more accountability for the true, human, costs of food production. Nierenberg and Baker sit down to discuss what she calls “true cost” accounting, inclusive philanthropy, and making permanent change out of good ideas. (via Food Tank)