One of the great things about the farmers who work with us, is that they all come from a variety of backgrounds, and have very different personalities. Some of our farmers are old, while others are young. Some are talkative, while others are reserved. Some are empty nesters, while others are parents to kids.

Sean Obrien is a blackberry farmer that loves his dog, being outdoors, and is a part of a new generation of American farmers committed to local food, and sustainable agriculture. While his personality starts off quiet, he’s not shy—just reserved. Get him going, and Sean will wax poetic about the thing he is passionate about most: blackberries. As the lead grower at Obrien Family Farms, Sean cultivates them.

Recently, Seal the Seasons had an opportunity to sit down with Sean, discuss life on the farm, the life of a farmer, as well as some of the challenges that he faces in his line of work. For those of you in the Virginia, North Carolina, or South Carolina regions, be sure to check out Sean Obrien’s blackberries at your neighborhood grocery store!