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In 1873, Mathius Butsch arrived in Mt. Angel from Switzerland with the Benedictine priests that founded the abbey, now known in the area as Abbey Hill. This patriarch of the Butsch family played an integral role in the development of the town of Mt. Angel, and his legacy continues today. Members of the Butsch family have been settled in Mt. Angel since his arrival, and they remain active participants in the farming and social community of the town...

4B Farms, named for the four members of the Butsch family that founded the farm in 1972, continues to be family owned and operated today. On 2,500 acres, the family raises a variety of row crops (corn beans and peas) plus garlic, hops, hazelnuts and specialty seeds.

4B Farms' farming practices are efficient, effective and environmentally conscious: few chemical pesticides and fertilizers are used; the ground is minimally worked, to prevent erosion; the land is used wisely and the family is constantly working to increase production per acre. Irrigated acres are watered with hand lines and big gun sprinklers, while hops are irrigated by drip tube, for optimal efficiency in delivering water where the plant needs it most.

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Featured Farmer

"4B Farms is named for the 4 members in my family (Jim, Donna, Jeff, and Lori Butsch). My brother and I are the family farm's 4th generation. The older we get, the more valuable the economic, environmental, and social benefits of the local agriculture community have become."

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