Church Hill Produce

Michael and Kari Sponaugle of Church Hill Produce in Highland County have grown fresh fruit and vegetables since 2011. Coaching 4H and tending an overabundant family garden led Michael and Kari to farming as a business. A natural spring provides the water for their farm, and they use cover crops in the off-season to protect and enrich their soil. Located west of the Shenandoah Valley where it is slightly cooler, they are about two weeks behind the Valley’s growing season, meaning they’ll continue to harvest after many other growers are done for one season and transitioning to the next. While their farm is not Certified Organic, Kari and Michael are trained and certified in pesticide management and use low or no-spray methods when treating plants.

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"I was born on a family farm, where we grew a variety of fruits and vegetables, and have been involved in farming ever since. My son is a part of the family business and will one day take over operations. I’m glad to see the farm passed on to the next generation!"

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