H.T. Rea Farming

H.T. Rea Farming is a fourth-generation family owned and operated farm in the Walla Walla Valley specializing in the production of grain crops, vegetables and certified seed. Headquartered in Milton-Freewater, Oregon, the farm cares for and manages farm land in both Washington and Oregon across a diverse rainfall zone. ...

As farmland managers, we strive to ensure that every farm we manage is improved for generations to come. Landowners can trust that we will care for the land as though it was our own. We've had a long tradition of growing a diversified mix of crops. In addition to growing a rotation of wheat and fresh green peas, we grow fresh lima beans, alfalfa, edible dry beans, garbanzo beans, lentils, seed wheat, seed peas and seed corn. We strive to maintain good relationships with numerous food processors, buyers and seed companies so we can have these opportunities.

Using cutting edge farming practices and technologies is an important part of our crop production and land management. We care for every farm in a way that maximizes the efficiencies of inputs and increases potential for yield and quality. Our ability to grow a wide range of crops allows us to build soil health and quality through crop rotations. H.T. Rea Farming believes in quality agriculture research and the importance of the research activities conducted by Washington State University and Oregon State University.

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Featured Farmer

"Our family started farming eastern Oregon in 1903. Over all those years we've developed the 'Caring That Yields' farming technique, that focuses on the long-term health of the land, improving the soil health, and protecting the environment for the next generation. Growing up on the farm was a big part of my childhood; I want the same experience for my kids Gwen, Harris, and Nolan."

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