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Wild Blueberries have always grown along the coast of Maine. But only in this century has their goodness been commercially farmed. It all began in 1925, when Albert and Osmon Merrill started growing our family business. Through the years, Merrill Blueberry Farms has grown to become a leader in the field of Wild Blueberries...

For four generations, our Merrill family secrets have been hard work, innovation, and a total commitment to our customers. A case in point: it seemed a pity to Osmon that Wild Blueberries could be enjoyed only in the fleeting harvest season. So he set to work in the early 1930s and pioneered the process of freezing berries for year-round availability.

Today, our Merrill Wild Blueberries are frozen by the IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) method to ensure their long-lasting healthfulness and flavor. Each year we improve or upgrade our existing system to provide a better product.

Our present daily production is a far cry from the few hundred pounds that made Albert and Osmon proud more than 75 years ago. Tried and true quality and experience in providing a superior product to manufacturers and consumers is our way of joining forces with nature. The blueberry has been a gift from the soils of Eastern Maine to the Merrill family, and in turn, a gift to people all across the countryside.

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"Wild blueberries are not planted or grown in rows. They are indeed wild, growing in the rugged soils of Maine. Since 1926, four generations of Merrills have worked with nature to harvest and freeze these antioxidant-rich 'superfruits' at peak ripeness. Wild blueberries are nature's gift from Maine to your family."

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