O'Brien Family Farms

O’Brien Family Farms was started with an idea, a persistent nagging idea, perhaps an instinct. Father and son team, Thomas & Sean O’Brien were sharing a bowl of blackberries on a long overdue family vacation one morning when they got to dreaming about growing brambles. Sure, they might know their plants, they’ve been working on farms and ranches, growing, gardening, and organizing farmers markets for many moons. But could they do what so many dream of, finding that perfect plot and planting the dreams of future of harvests?...

They talked with the family about it and no surprise everyone thought they were crazy, after all, Tommy bang-bang is blind (due to a degenerative retina condition), and Sean already had a good job managing a farm across the country, surely he wouldn't walk away from that! Or would he? Could they actually do it? For a little while the family laughed it off, until one by one, they all slowly realized this was getting a little too serious, Sean quit his job, and they bought a piece of land in North Carolina. Three years in everyone is excited as ever to be tending the land. The blackberries are established and flourishing with more acreage in the works of the constantly evolving dream they chase. The chickens are healthy and the flock is expanding. The seasonal vegetables continue to flow in from the fields. Hemp is being cultivated and top quality products are being produced. We are proud to be O'Briens and we are proud to share our farm with you!

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