Peterson Farms

Earl Peterson, a fourth generation fruit grower, along with his wife Linda, purchased their first farm in 1972 and continued to acquire acreage in Michigan's Oceana County throughout the years. Peterson Farms, Inc. was established in 1984 as a secure home for Earl and Linda's tart cherry tonnage of 250,000 lbs. The business volume grew quickly when in 1985 Earl and Linda processed tart cherries for two surrounding neighbors as well as his own. ...

Due to the demands of customers to reduce the presence of pits in tart cherries, Earl and Linda, along with a friend, Bob Nedow, established Cherry Technologies in 1989. Cherry Technologies holds the patent rights on electronic detection of pits in processed cherries.

The family owned business continued to grow rapidly as Earl and Linda focused their belief of "listening to your customer while providing the highest quality product" to the processing of other commodities such as asparagus, apples, sweet cherries, blueberries and peaches. Today, Peterson Farms is a marketing leader of frozen fruits in the United States, marketing over 150 million finished pounds of frozen fruits and 7 million gallons of single strength apple juice/cider and juice concentrates.

Peterson Farms Fresh, Inc. was established in 2004 as a state of the art fresh-cut fruit processing company. Today, we are one of the leading processors of fresh-cut apples in the United States.

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"As a fourth generation Michigan farmer, we raise fruit in the sandy hills just off of the shores of Lake Michigan. Our weather is moderated by the prevailing lake winds, which keeps us warmer in winter and cooler in the spring. As a result, our micro-climate allows us to produce some of the tastiest fruit in the world."

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