Purdue Blackberry Farms

Dan & Jessica had always wanted to work for themselves, and began their blackberry farm in the red clay soil of Perry, Georgia in 2015. Dan Perdue started with planting just 10 acres of Ouachita blackberries, but it hasn’t always been easy going. Dan & Jessica had some early struggles early on, including a rejected pallet of fresh blackberries that brough Perdue and Seal the Seasons together. Seal the Seasons ended up purchasing about 10,000 pounds of berries from that load, saving the farm from losing lots of money, and paying for its labor and packaging costs.

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"Four years ago, I started growing blackberries to get my family involved in farming. We still have a lot to learn and grow at Perdue Blackberry Farms, but we are proud of the fruit we produce and happy to serve our local community."

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