Reeves Farms

The Reeves family has been farming the land of Baldwinsville, New York, a small town just southeast of Lake Ontario and northeast of the Finger Lakes, for over a century. Seal the Seasons buys New York-grown strawberries from Reeves Farms, though they grow a wide variety of berries and vegetables throughout the spring and summer months. Through the use of Integrated Pest Management, reduced tillage, expanded cover crops and crop rotation, organic production and other sustainable farming practices, the Reeves family ensures the health of their soils and water resources will be insured for generations to come. Today, the fourth (Brian, Mark, Brian, Andy) and fifth (Nolan, Karin) generations mange over 1000 acres of tillable land and employs a seasonal workforce of 50 -60 people. 

Featured Farmer

"Our family has farmed in Baldwinsville, NY since 1890 when my great grandfather came over from Draycott, England. As farmers, we sleep really well at night. Not just because we work hard every day but because we know our hard work provides customers with some of the healthiest food they can buy."

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