Rose Hill Blues

O.H. Rouse is one of Seal the Seasons' youngest partner farmers, but he and is family are no stranger to organic farming or fruit. The son of a third-generation farmer, O.H. learned about farming from his family farms Rouse Brothers Produce, but sought to find his own way. He got his break when a cousin approached with the opportunity to take over operations of a local blueberry farm. O.H. has made it his own and now is up to 70 acres of organic blueberries and continues to put in new varieties every year.

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"As the son of a third-generation farmer, I learned about hard work at a young age. I knew early on that I wanted to farm, and at 20 years old, I took over a blueberry farm. With the help of my parents, friends, and other farmers in the area, I now have a successful blueberry operation, while still helping my father.

Farming is a privilege. I don't have to do it; I get to do it."

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