Springdale Farms

Springdale Farms was established in 1893. In the 1920s, the farm was predominantly an operation for Silver Fox Pelts, with 200 breeding stock on hand. As that market dried up, the farm transitioned into registered Guernsey Dairy Cows until about 1990 when they started producing vegetables. In the beginning, they predominantly sold vegetables to the fresh market and were astounded by the prices they could command. Over the coming years they came to understand the fluctuations of fresh market pricing and started seeking out more stability. Their initial focus on the fresh market has improved their overall quality, helping them successfully transition their high standards to frozen processing. Springdale Farms is dedicated to producing the best, most flavorful product year after year. They still harvest Butternut Squash by hand (as opposed to mechanical harvest) to further preserve the overall integrity of the crop.

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"Here at Springdale Farms, our main goal is to produce the highest quality product to support the ever growing population. We want our vegetables to be healthy and fresh by the time the consumer opens the package. With Seal the Seasons, we feel we can accomplish our goals to deliver a delicious healthy product to the consumer."

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Look for Seal the Seasons Cut Green Beans, Sweet Peas, and Vegetable Blend at a grocery store near you.

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