Whalen Farms

In 1985, Jeff Whalen took over 20 acres of Cranberry bogs in Shamong, New Jersey, which his grandfather, Everett Abrams, had farmed during the early 1950's. Since that day, Jeff has been expanding his farm, which now consists of 700 acres. Whalen Farms is composed of 180 acres of blueberries, 125 acres of cranberry bogs and 395 acres of land that is part of the Conservation Steward Program, run by the USDA's National Resources Conservation Services. Whalen Farms is environmentally conscientious, employing a strict recycling program, drip irrigation, state of the art Integrated Pest Management system (overseen by Rutgers University), and forced air cooling of blueberries, which conserves energy and produces a much fresher blueberry.

Featured Farmer

"Growing up, I learned the value of the land by helping my grandfather grow cranberries and vegetables. In 1985, I started my own blueberry and cranberry farm on the border of the Wharton State Forest. Farming is about growing good food and about being a good steward of the land."

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